Hi, my name is John Rowe. I’m currently working as a Project Officer for the South Australian Department for Education, leading out a professional learning program for senior secondary teachers called Thinking Maths Senior Years. I feel like I’ve had to update this specific page too frequently over the past few years, so here’s where I’ve been so far…



I was the Maths/Science: STEM and Numeracy Coordinator at Wirreanda Secondary School in Adelaide, South Australia from 2017 to 2018.

Prior to that, I taught Maths for three years at the Australian Science and Mathematics School.

My story as a teacher can be pretty well read through this blog. Long story short, Dan Meyer came to Adelaide in the August of my first teaching year. This is a point in time that I have identified as my “a-ha moment” as a teacher. I finally understood my role as a teacher and have been learning more and more about different ways that I can harness the curiosity of my students and develop a culture of inquiry in my classrooms.

Something that has allowed me to continue to grow and learn more about teaching maths has actually been Twitter. Connecting with teachers (mostly in the US), sharing ideas, resources, and anecdotes about teaching maths through the #MTBoS hashtag (MathTwitterBlogosphere) has opened my eyes to how the presentation of a problem or scenario can affect how my students engage with mathematics and see the purpose of what they are learning.

Connect with me here.

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