Which One Doesn’t Belong

This is an idea that Mary Bourassa (@MaryBourassa) has made famous with her website (wodb.ca). I first heard about this at a workshop run by Amie Albrecht (@nomad_penguin) and the best thing at the time was that it needed little to no preparation time, although it is fun to create them for yourself!

Below are some images that I have created and used with my maths classes to promoted discussions about their thought processes and opinions. These make for great lesson starters and help students connect their understanding to the big ideas, make comparisons, and justify the reasoning of their choice. Question marks indicate that the students are required to guess what should be there and their reasoning as to why can be discussed.

Similar Triangles

Trigonometric Functions

Indices & Surds

Logarithms ft. Open Middle

Quadratics / Parabolas


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