Hook Line Sinker

An Online Resource Book For People Who Teach Mathematics

I wrote this book to help Maths teachers who simply don’t have time to navigate the thousands of resources available online. This isn’t tailored to a specific country’s standards/curriculum outcomes, rather a collection of mathematics resources sequenced in a way that I would probably do it as a teacher.

Using the simple structure of “Hook, Line, Sinker“, I have provided an example sequence of the resources I would use to support my students to learn Trigonometry and Pythagoras Theorem, Linear Algebra, Indices (exponents), Quadratics (parabolas), and Probability.

As well as that, I have included some handy tips on using the Hook-Line-Sinker approach to planning lessons, sequences of lessons, or entire units. Featured at the end of the short e-book are some really awesome explanations from some people far more clever than me, along with a list of superb mathematics teachers who are known for some spectacular resources.

This isn’t a one-stop-shop for everything you need as a maths teacher, but I think it would certainly be a useful place to check in. If you do like it and think it might be of use to someone, I would really love it if you could send it onto them – I made it to help busy teachers, so the more the merrier.

Reading the book

Apple users (Mac/iPhone/iPad) can open it with ease by clicking the Apple Books download button above. Windows users also have a reasonably good default reader, but if you’re not happy with that, there are many free alternatives on offer. Android users, there’s a whole suite of them on offer for you.

It goes really ugly when it’s a PDF, and I like the e-book (there’s something cool about seeing the pages turn), I hope you do too.

If you’re struggling to download the book and view it on your device, you can also open it in your internet browser.

Sharing the book

Like it? Then share it. Know someone who avoids the abundance of free online resources shared by thousands of incredible maths teachers? Win them over with an example of how it can be organised in a simple way and give them this book as a starting point. Remember, it’s free.

The easiest way is simply to send them the link to the page you’re on right now: mrrowe.com/book

If you’re really liking it and want to express your love for it to the world, share it on Twitter! My handle is @MrJohnRowe, I’d love to retweet your post and become your newest follower.

Click here to tweet it out!

New Versions and Updates

Everything in life eventually dies at some point, including URLs! I have created a repository of all the tasks and the URLs used in the book. You can check in here, if you are having issues. I have a status indicator for determining whether there is a new link, the resource doesn’t exist anymore, or if I’m in the process of fixing it. I’ll always update the book whenever I fix something up (which is hopefully not often), and all you’ll need to do is click the big button above.


This work and the work linked and referenced in the book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


8 thoughts on “Hook Line Sinker

  1. I love your work John, especially all those terrific challenges, reminds why I love mathematics. ‘How not to be wrong The power of mathematical thinking’ by Jordan Ellenberg is a great book I spoke to you about!


  2. Hi John,

    Thank you so much for sharing:) I am so blessed to be able to learn how you teach classes from the amazing book! 🙂 Can’t wait to try it next Monday!

    Many thanks!


  3. Hi John, I think your a very creative maths teacher, the students laugh, have fun and learn all at the same time. Your thinking out side of the square is contagious to those around you. Have fun,Leah


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