A blog eh?

So… the Principal at my school told me to start a blog about what it feels like to be in my first year of teaching. So, being the young, enthusiastic, go-getter teacher that I’m meant to be, I did! Here it is…

My name is John Rowe, and I am a beginning teacher at the Australian Science and Mathematics School in Adelaide. Unlike many of my colleagues, I’m not the product of an unusual obsession with mathematics and science. Long story short, I also teach Phys Ed. The list of things I actually like to do is similar to my music choice – diversely weird:

I like to play sport and video games,

I like watching action, fantasy, romantic comedies and horror movies (all in one would be awesome),

I like to play music and rap 90’s songs,

I collaborate and listen,

I like maths and PE (???),

and I don’t really care how weird my students think I am – it makes me happy.

Ok, so I better actually put something in here about what it feels like to be a first year teacher in a pretty different school.


My first thought is that it’s nothing like I ever imagined it to be. Seeing as though I’m a maths teacher, I’m not a big fan of lots of words and prefer concise lists (I love using that excuse). Also, I did enough essays in Uni.

What I’ve learnt in my first 57,500 minutes as a teacher is something like this:

  • Kids are so much better to work with than adults
  • They’re also much more gullible
  • Teachers don’t just teach (not a complaint about how much we get paid etc.)
  • You can be your students’ friend
  • Sharing is caring
  • Interest is the number 1 thing students care about
  • Deadlines are crap
  • Senior students – just like adults – need to be allowed to act like a kid every now and then
  • School isn’t just for learning
  • To-Do lists make the world go around
  • Recess and Lunch are sacred times

So… my next blog will probably be about how innovative I’ve become as a super-teacher, using Challenge-based, Problem-based, Team-based, Base-based learning tasks to transform the minds of my the minions in my class to transform the world and give all credit to their A+Mazing maths teacher.

So stay tuned, more to come after the break.

Your friendly neighbourhood Maths teacher,

John 😉


2 thoughts on “A blog eh?

  1. Hey John, I too am new to teaching and am a Maths teacher who is interested in problem-based/team-based learning. I am looking forward to reading your blog and stealing some of your ideas on how to transform the minds of your minions!


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