Chilling with “the” Dan

So no biggie, but I went to Dan Meyer’s PD today and my mind was blown.

Then, it was reconstructed in a beautifully perplexed way. Sure I’ve read his blog, watched his videos, and taught his lessons, but today surpassed my already high expectations.

What I got out of today’s sessions was this:

Pick something that can be (doesn’t HAVE to be) but CAN be solved / predicted / modelled using Maths.

Record or enact the beginning of the process.

Ask students to WRITE DOWN the first question that comes into their head, then share and discuss with fellow students.

Share questions on projector. Ask “who finds this question interesting?” And, without discriminating, put the number of interested students next to each question.

Pick the question you as a teacher want answered (the one that will have Maths applied to) and proceed to place some value on the “less-relevant” questions.

Have them guess the answer to some of the questions – most importantly the key question you want them to solve for. Create a range of answers by asking students, “who’s guess was higher?” Vice-versa.

Using this question, ask the students what information MUST they need to find the answer.

If the information is able to be acquired using a stopwatch or by pausing the video and counting, allow students to do so – if they are able to gain their own data, awesome.

Ask the students to guess again and compare the margin of guessing to the previous one.

Give some mathematical information – processes or formulas that will scaffold task for struggling tables.

Play / demonstrate the answer.

Review initial questions. What was the ESSENTIAL information / question?

Is Maths always 100% accurate etc…

So, what I’m now about to do is look through my textbooks to see how I can make some awesome tasks and share with my avid 2 followers!

Obviously, this is just Dan’s three acts, dumbed down and, most likely, misinterpreted, but if it helps then great!

I’ll put some sweet videos / tasks up soon!

¡Hasta luega!20140804-163803-59883083.jpg


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