Twitter has made me a better #teacher

I can honestly say that the social media platform that I thought was absolutely useless has significantly changed the way I teach.

This wasn’t the first time this has happened in my short experience as a teacher. If you have read my blog, which most people apart from myself haven’t, you may know about the previous occasion – Dan Meyer, Adelaide August 2014. It was in my first year of teaching that I realised that after completing a double degree at University, doing well on two teaching placements, and nailing a 3-year contract in an awesome school, my understanding about teaching was pretty damn minimal. Long story short, I had my mind willingly blown to pieces by the approach popularised by Dan.

The next time this happened was a slightly different experience, but the impact on my teaching has been nearly as significant. It was when I started tweeting.

Most of my friends used to brag about getting “retweets” from big name AFL players and NBA stars, and I honestly didn’t care much about it. To me, Twitter was a weird version of Facebook with less features and served no purpose to me as an educator. Now I can happily tell people that it is some of the best professional learning I receive, and am even more happy to tell them why.


My Twitter feed is the source of most professional reading I engage with.

Before Twitter, I would only occasionally read an article of it appeared via email in a newsletter I thought I had unsubscribed to. Now, I am saving articles to read later on (using Instapaper) and even writing posts of my own. How does this impact my teaching? I am learning from and connecting with leaders and innovators in education and mathematics education around the world. This is something that I was simply unexposed to and unaware of prior to joining the #MTBoS (MathTwitterBlogosphere).

Who to follow

Here are some incredibly inspiring and innovative teachers that I’m following (thanks @nomad_penguin for most of these!):

Here’s a sample…


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